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About our Space

We’re a DIY event space run by locals, located Downtown Birmingham, AL. Shows are hosted after hours at our facility and managed by the people in our community. We have off street parking for bands and a load in spot for equipment. Our space is 2000sqft with a max capacity of 250 people.


Before requesting a show at our space:


- We are Not Show Promoters

If you are a Band/Promoter looking to book an event, you are responsible for finding supporting acts.

We will not reach out on your behalf to find bands to fit the bill. 


- Bands will need their own Equipment.

Bands will need to bring their own cabs and cables for instruments.



What we require to book shows:


- LCY Requires a Flat Fee to book our space.
A One-Time, Upfront fee is required. 

Bands will keep all Ticket and Merch Sales.
ands and/or Promoters will need to coordinate Ticket Price, Lineup and individual Fees amongst themselves prior to the event. LCY is not responsible for covering these details.


- Damages to our space will incur a “Replacement Fee” for the damaged items. 

Damages include but are not limited to: Broken Equipment, Damage to our facility, Lost or Stolen Property.


- Events MUST end by 11pm in accordance with the city ordinance.


If you are a Band and/or Promoter and have acknowledged the terms above, you may reach to us below. Please provide details about your Event, Date and any additional info we may need to know prior to the Event.

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